Vendor Application

Our vendors make WNC Garlic Fest what it is. These garlic fanatics come for you, especially for the WNC Garlic Trail, which has been a massive hit. Please sign-up for vendor updates below.

We love Garlic Fest! It’s nice to be around fellow garlic freaks that love garlic as much as we do. It is a rad day and there are so many great garlic things to try and buy. Come and try something new that you never thought you could put garlic in.

Sarah Decker, Root Bottom Farm

Fermenti. is excited to engage our community once again at this year’s Garlic Fest! We are honored to have been a part of last years’ Garlic Trail & are looking forward to doing so again. This is an incredible opportunity to connect with customers and business alike and to cultivate sustainable relationships throughout Asheville and WNC. I hope to see you all there!

Meg Chamberlain, Fermenti

I love themes!!! I had so much fun creating garlic flavored jun for the festival and it was even more fun seeing folks reactions. The flavors were a hit. We met people from all over the states, not just NC, and it was one of our first festivals and certainly one of our most successful events for connections, for fun and for sales!!! We especially loved being a part of the garlic trail. We are looking forward to participating again. Thank you!

Shanti, Shanti Elixirs